Hypnotherapy for Chronic Pain Management


There are two main types of pain.

Chronic pain: sensations associated with this are throbbing, aching, burning, cold, soreness, itching, tingling and numbness. This type of pain can occur and persist sometime after an injury and unlike acute pain, does not serve any immediate biological purpose.

Acute pain: sensations are usually sharp and specific, caused by accident or disease and are a warning to the body that this pain needs immediate attention. Acute pain will override chronic pain.

e.g. If you burnt your hand on a saucepan, the acute pain message would go immediately to the brain and you wouldn’t feel your chronic back pain in that moment.

If you have suffered with chronic pain for six months or longer, the body operates in constant preparation for pain, contracting your muscles and ‘learns’ to circulate what is a redundant pain message. The relaxation of the nervous system through hypnotherapy can be very effective in helping to block the pain message, and can be a useful complementary therapy to any conventional methods you may already be using. Hypnosis helps to change the way you perceive the pain messages and as a result helps to reduce the intensity of the pain you are feeling. 

The link between stress levels and pain have also been recognised. If you have lived with pain for some time, it is likely that your anxiety/stress levels are raised, which will exacerbate your pain. Hypnotherapy is highly effective at lowering anxiety levels and so can help focus your attention away from the pain onto more positive aspects of your life.

Please note: All conventional methods of medical therapy should be explored before using hypnotherapy for pain management.  Always consult your GP in the first instance.


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