Hypnotherapy for Phobias


Phobias are extremely common and it is thought that around 10% of adults have some type of phobia. For some people this can be a mild irritation, for others an overwhelming source of stress and may even lead them to avoiding certain situations. It can affect the way people live and plan their lives. Phobias can be triggered by actual or imagined events, physical items or activities. These can cause our fight or flight response to kick in.


Unfortunately, the more times we experience a phobic response, the stronger it gets. The good news is that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can solve most simple phobias within just 4 sessions.

Phobias can be split into specific and non-specific:

Specific Phobias:  This is when every other aspect of a person’s life is normal. People with a specific phobia have one particular thing that creates a fear response. E.g. spiders, flying or dentists perhaps. These can be dealt with in 4 sessions.  If you’re planning a holiday and have a fear of flying, book your initial consultation 3-4 weeks before you’re due to fly for best results.  


Non-Specific Phobias:  This is when a fear response has crept further into a person’s life. E.g. agoraphobia and emetophobia. These phobias have created a deeper anxiety and may require 8-12 sessions.


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