Hypnotherapy for Weight Management 


Some people find it easy to manage their weight, others find it close to impossible. You may have tried any number of diets, there are plenty of them out there, and most have dramatic effects in the short term.  The reason they have such dramatic effects is because they ask you to do dramatic things, like cut your calorie intake massively or give up bread forever, for instance.

For most people, diets like these are unsustainable because they rely on will power alone, and will power will only carry you so far. And when you stumble from a diet, the guilt can be crippling. You feel even worse about yourself because you now consider yourself weak willed. 


Does beating ourselves up about our failings inspire us to succeed next time? I think we all know the answer to that!

Often, our relationship with food is directly related to our mental state. Stress levels have a massive effect on our relationship with food, whether causing us to binge eat or to lose interest in eating at all. When we are stressed or low in mood, we make short term decisions, we want a quick hit of happiness, that chocolate muffin perhaps.


The reduction of stress and the ability to focus on the positive means we don’t need the quick fix as much, we can make better choices, plan long term; we feel more motivated and take more exercise. When our relationship with ourselves is good, so is our relationship with food.

Managing your weight with hypnotherapy is no quick fix, but it is about re-focusing for the long term.


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