Hypnotherapy Testimonials

"Mark has been truly amazing, completely replacing my negative, repetitive behaviours, with a whole, new, positive outlook on my life and my future. I could not recommend this enough, particularly if you have tried counselling before. A calm, informative and far less intrusive way of resolving negative issues, in a way that is actually sustainable long term. THANK YOU MARK!"


Phil – Cleckheaton


"When I contacted Mark, I had a phobia of hospitals and was due to have heart surgery in two weeks time.  I had three sessions with him and felt completely at ease.  His hypnotherapy room is relaxing and cosy.  I went on to have my surgery without any undue anxiety or worry.  I really felt like a different person when it came to it, and I can't thank Mark enough for what he has done for me.  He has helped change my life and I highly recommend him."


Rachael – Wakefield

"I have been suffering with anxiety for a number of years. I kept it in for a long time. I had seven sessions with Mark and what a turn around. He has made me feel comfortable, at ease and he has helped me understand how anxiety is caused and the best way to combat it. The manner and approach he took with me was phenomenal, a true gentleman. Mark has made me view life in a different way and anybody out there going through mental problems and needs some guidance on the best way to sort it out, I would highly recommend Mark James Hypnotherapy.

The results will be visible if you believe in yourself. What a great man and a superb professional."


Jamie – Leeds

"I was feeling low in confidence and feeling anxious, I was recommended to go see Mark, he is so nice, made me feel at ease, so calm and very understanding. He really helped me so much, I couldn't recommend him enough.

Thank you so much!"


Kelly – Castleford

"Hypnotherapy has been very helpful to me because it has lowered my anxiety and helped me to relax. Mark has a very calming voice that made me feel safe. If you are struggling with these things, I highly recommend Mark James Hypnotherapy."


 Millie - age 12 – Luton