Anxiety and Stress 

Everyone experiences stress and anxiety at some point in their lives. A little bit of stress is good for us. It is a natural response when we push ourselves out of our comfort zone or learn something new.  Too much stress, however, can be very damaging.

Not everyone reacts to an experience in the same way and not everyone experiences anxiety at the same level. You may have lived with elevated anxiety for a long time, or it may have been triggered by a bad experience.  It can affect every aspect of your life, from how you feel, think and behave, to how well you sleep and even how your body and its immune system function. In the short-term, that is not a disaster, but long-term stress puts your health at risk.


Chronic Pain Management

There are two main types of pain.

Chronic pain: sensations associated with this are throbbing, aching, burning, cold, soreness, itching, tingling and numbness. This type of pain can occur and persist sometime after an injury and unlike acute pain, does not serve any immediate biological purpose.

Acute pain: sensations are usually sharp and specific, caused by accident or disease and are a warning to the body that this pain needs immediate attention. Acute pain will override chronic pain.

e.g. If you burnt your hand on a saucepan, the acute pain message would go immediately to the brain and you wouldn’t feel your chronic back pain in that moment.


Confidence and Self Esteem

Confidence can be an elusive thing.  It is hard to understand why it comes and why it goes, how some people have an abundance of it and others have very little indeed. Of course, one thing I have learned over the years is that often, those people you admire and envy, who seem to have boundless confidence, if you get to know them better, you realise they are just like you, but have found a way to ‘fake it to make it.’

Faking it can be very useful in the short term, but longer term, we need to build a calm and solid base of self-esteem which will last. 




(usually 4 sessions including the Initial Consultation)

Phobias are extremely common and it is thought that around 10% of adults have some type of phobia. For some people this can be a mild irritation, for others an overwhelming source of stress and may even lead them to avoiding certain situations. It can affect the way people live and plan their lives. Phobias can be triggered by actual or imagined events, physical items or activities. These can cause our fight or flight response to kick in.

Unfortunately, the more times we experience a phobic response, the stronger it gets. The good news is that Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can solve most simple phobias within just 4 sessions.


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Stop Smoking & Vaping

If you REALLY want to stop smoking then hypnotherapy can give you that edge you need to give up forever. Hypnotherapy is different from other forms of therapy in that it bypasses the conscious mind. Hypnotherapy works by changing your mind’s dependency on cigarettes at a subconscious level. The trance therapy allows this change to be accepted without resistance.  It is a powerful and effective therapy for those people motivated to give up smoking.

SAVE MONEY: A packet of twenty cigarettes costs around ten pounds.  If you smoke twenty cigarettes a day, that’s a saving of £304 a month or £3650 every year.



Weight Management

Some people find it easy to manage their weight, others find it close to impossible. You may have tried any number of diets, there are plenty of them out there, and most have dramatic effects in the short term.  The reason they have such dramatic effects is because they ask you to do dramatic things, like cut your calorie intake massively or give up bread forever, for instance.

For most people, diets like these are unsustainable because they rely on will power alone, and will power will only carry you so far. And when you stumble from a diet, the guilt can be crippling. You feel even worse about yourself because you now consider yourself weak willed. 


Does beating ourselves up about our failings inspire us to succeed next time? I think we all know the answer to that!