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"Mark is amazing! I have been trying to pass my driving test for the past 3 years and due to stress and anxiety I have been unsuccessful however, due to Mark’s insane hypnotherapy I was able to pass with flying colours. I can't recommend him enough and I'm forever grateful for how much he helped me after only 3 sessions."

"Mark helped to cure my anxiety caused by a lack of sleep immensely. From the first meeting Mark's friendly and calm personality put my mind at ease. The hypnotherapy sessions along with Mark's vast knowledge of how the mind works and how to control it had an instant positive impact. I had around 6 sessions with Mark, but positive change started occurring from the second session onwards. I cannot recommend him enough."

"I communicated with Mark after a very difficult marriage break up, after only 3 sessions I can say I am 50% of the way to recovery through Mark's amazing work, time, and professional hypnotherapy sessions. I would defiantly recommend Mark and his services for anyone suffering from anxiety or depression. You are genuinely a lovely human and personally would like to thank you not just for your work but support through my difficult time."

"I have recently been one of Mark’s hypnotherapy patients after having a breakdown. In the beginning I felt no hope in climbing out of my pit of despair , but through the patience and understanding I received from Mark, I felt over the first two weeks that someone understood my pain and could help me see myself as I once saw myself many years ago .
I feel so overwhelmed by the support and guidance that I received from Mark’s therapy sessions that I felt I should share my experience and journey with others that may not feel viable or worthy and that feel a great despair and loneliness. I feel anybody that truly wants to find themselves again and feel they have lost their self-worth and confidence would greatly benefit from Mark James Hypnotherapy sessions.
A free mind is a happy mind. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Mark James for your time, your belief in me and your kind understanding, enthusiastic approach, your care and belief have brought me through a hard time in my life and you’ve given me the belief in myself that I can be who I want to be and I’m humble and very thankful for a friend recommending you and to you for all you have done for me and my girls
Thank you so much."
"Mark is a truly caring professional, empathic and passionate about helping others. Whether it be on zoom or face to face, Mark provides a safe space where he enables you to be yourself so that you can work on the things that matter most to you. Would highly recommend!"

"Mark has been truly amazing, completely replacing my negative, repetitive behaviours, with a whole, new, positive outlook on my life and my future. I could not recommend this enough, particularly if you have tried counselling before. A calm, informative and far less intrusive way of resolving negative issues, in a way that is actually sustainable long term. Thank you, Mark."

"Don’t underestimate the impact of CoVid. I felt like I had ran out of steam.
I recognised that I needed help, a push to re-energise me. Someone suggested hypnosis.
I read up on it, decided that it sounded perfect for me. Mark’s advert appealed and so I started sessions with him.  I really believe that I chose the right time for the right therapy with the right person!!  I feel so much calmer, more solid and confident again.  No more self-doubt and being critical of myself.
Mark never judges, is extremely good at his job as well as explaining the treatment and placing the target you want to achieve in your hands to decide. I definitely can recommend."
"Mark delivers everything he says he is going to and with such ease too. I’ve had a very personal pleasant experience and he has helped change my way of thinking and gives me the positive attitude I need to tackle every day and even tougher situations. Can’t recommend this guy enough if you are in need of the help."

"I was feeling very low in confidence and extremely anxious, I was recommended by a friend to go see Mark, he was so friendly, made me feel so at ease, he is so understanding and never judged. Mark helped me so much, I can't honestly recommend him enough."

"I've been a smoker for 30 years on and off, I saw Mark two weeks ago for a consultation and then had my treatment a week later. I am delighted to say as soon as I left Mark I was officially a non-smoker. Mark is fantastic at what he does, I would highly recommend him. "

"I was recommended to get in touch with Mark following yet another family holiday where my IBS led anxiety resulted in more time spent on the loo than what was needed, panic when going out, cautious of exploring in case of no loo and don’t get me started with the anxiety of a plane in covid times with IBS! Following a consultation, I signed up for sessions over zoom. After 8 sessions I’m now comfortable that I’m in control, able to leave the toilet, enjoy trips out and not have to worry about being close to the toilet - in fact sometimes I get home and then suddenly remember I haven’t been to the loo when out, which 4 months ago was unheard of! I have had a session every other week which, with the help of Mark and his calming and coping techniques, I have been able to challenge my thoughts which have been with me for 8 plus years. I highly recommend, even to give it a go and see if it’s for you. Thank you, Mark! ."

"I approached Mark to help me with two problems in my life, one being a lack of motivation. For at least 3 or 4 years I found myself not wanting to get up in the morning or leave the house and generally having very low energy levels. The other problem I wanted to seek Mark’s help on was my anxiety. This is something I have experienced most of my life. After speaking with Mark, I realised my anxiety was also the reason for my lack of motivation and draining me of all my energy. Within a week of starting my therapy all my feelings of anxiety dropped away and my energy levels and motivation increased hugely. I couldn’t believe how different I felt in such a short space of time. I believe that finding Mark and hypnotherapy is one of the most positive things that has ever happened to me and I cannot recommend Mark’s services highly enough to anyone who is struggling with life. Thank you Mark for your help and understanding, you have changed the course of my life forever. "

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